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You don’t know squat!

WOW!  Didn’t have a lot of time today.  Just screwed around with my back squat.  Got up to 345#, and was able to push out a triple.  Walking out that amount of a weight is very humbling!  Don’t ever forget to respect the weight!  Am curious what my 1RM is now. 

Hard to believe that my previous 1RM was 345# (my current is 395#, done almost a year ago.  Probably should do that again here soon.)

Better than Yesterday

What a great day!!!  I don’t know what it is, but I am in better than normal spirits today.  The only thing I can tie it to is going to the gym early this morning to do my SWOD.  I haven’t done a morning workout in awhile, I’ve been doing them over lunch. But today’s WOD is 100yd sprints, so I went to the gym to do the weights this morning, so I can go to the track over lunch. WOW!!!  I might have to go back to mornings for the SWOD.
Tuesday’s combo about killed me.  SWOD – 5RM Deadlifts followed by a regular WOD of cleans and pullups.  Ouch!  My forearms are still acheing!  Well, like he said in the movie the Fifth Element ‘What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger…’  Still one of my favorite lines of all time.
Yesterday was supposed to be a rest day.  I went into the gym over lunch and stretched, did some planks, frogstands, and a few headstands against the wall.  Then last night took the kids to the pool for 1 1/2 hrs, then came home and mowed both the front and back yards.   So much for a rest day.  Reminds of a post from ‘Again Faster’  called better than yesterday.
But today is great.  I’m probably going to be running in 90 degree temperatures over lunch, and I have to referee volleyball late tonight, but as of right now, I’m golden.
Today’s Quote –
Victory is reserved for those willing to pay the price – Sun Tzu


Ok, who signed off on the ‘one last snow fall’ clause? It was 67 degrees Wednesday, and then Friday it was 31 and snowing! WTF! Made it to the gym again, but didn’t have time to do the whole workout. Got the main three in (squats, bench press, and inverted rows) and then did the pushups @ home, when I put my wife through hers. She did fantastic. Still pushing herself hard. I might even be getting her away from that slimfast crap. Ugh!

My weight is still sitting at a high 270. Kind of gave up on worrying about my weight. Kind of. I make decent food choices, I just have to work on the portion size. I keep thinking I’m a big guy, I need more. But I really need to concentrate if I want to lose weight. Maybe it is time for another food log.

Gonna pick up on the cardio on my off days too, I think. This wrist sprain makes just about everything a pain tho.

I think I might have found a new blogger to follow. Tony Gentilecore is hilarious (my kind of humor anyway). Found him via Nia Shanks, who had an article on Elitefts. Good stuff as well. Like both of them. Hopefully I can get my wife to follow her some.

Well, I better go. Don’t know if I have left any gems on here or not, but I’m working on it. Let me know what you think.

Ain’t technology grand!

Ok, so I haven’t posted in months, but I just figured out today that I can wordpress from my droid! The functionality didn’t work on my blackberry before. (Some glitch with the BB software that we couldn’t get straightened out). So now hopefully I can get on here more often.

It has been an interesting two months. Stronglifts 5×5 program (my wife, my 13 yr old and myself on this program). Trying to play in an overnight volleyball tourney, and just wearing myself out in all directions. Wow, it has been crazy.

Well, I have really seen nice gains from the stronglifts program. My back squat has gone from 225 to 290 (5×5), my bench from 135 to 195 (5×5), and the auxillary work of inverted rows and pullups has seen some nice increases in work output as well.

My wife and son had me stay up late last (10:30pm) to put them thru the workout. That really impressed me. That and the 130# they both deadlifted! Kewl stuff! I get to my workout every other day (until I sprained my right wrist in the overnite tourney) and they don’t make is as often, so it was nice to see them both not struggle with weights that they wanted to push themselves with. Nice!

If you want to check out the program, you can go here (stronglifts). The more muscle you pack on, the more calories/fat you burn. And women, guys have enough trouble packing on muscles. Don’t worry about bulking up. Do the work, if you see results you don’t want, then adjust… but you have to try this.

Gotta go. See ya soon.

Fasting and Strength

Well, I started fasting one day a week.  I’m on week two.  Every Wednesday from right after Breakfast (9am) until Thursday Lunch (11am), I don’t consume anything but water.  Wow.  This is tuff stuff.  Especially when you run to the store to pick up supplies for the rest of the fam.  Ugh!!!  I also started following the 5×5 strength program.  Day one.  We’ll see if this can get my strength increases back on track.  Back squated 5×5 w/ 225 on my back.  Not too shabby.  Didn’t do the deadlift today, but Tuesday I did DL 3×5 at 315.  Today’s shoulder press was 5×5 at 105.  Ugh.  Is it a tall person thing, that it is so hard to actually push things over my head?  Fat man pushups 8×3.  Didn’t have time for much else.  Too much screwing around, trying to find spring locs for the barbells.  Ugh! 

Well, I’ll try to get on here more, and update things.  Weight is still around 275, but belt size is still shrinking.  Curious to see what my fat percentage is.  27% last I checked on one of those hand held machine thingys.  We’ll try that in about a week or two. 

Son’s birthday is this weekend.  A teenager in the house.  He’s been commiting adultery for some time anyway…  ‘He thinks he is an adult, but he’s not…’  He’s saving up for PS3.  Great.  Something else to tie him down doing nothing physical.  I’m gonna start making him do 10 burpies for every hour in front of video screen.  Come to think of it, I think that should be a house rule…  We’ll see if we can implement that.  Maybe 3 attempts at a pullup?  Gonna have to think about this.  I like it.  Give me feedback, let me know what you think.

Which way to go?

“If at first you don’t succeed, Your running about average.”

– Unknown

I’m trying to figure out what direction to take this blog.  I don’t want it just to be a journal of my life (who would want to read that?).  Is my life so boring that I can’t come up with something to write about on a daily basis?  Mehh.  I read so much on a daily basis, I guess I could share.

My mentor, Kelly Starrett @ San Francisco Crossfit hasn’t posted in over two months (?!?!?).  My local mentor Ricky hasn’t posted in almost a month on his personal blog.  Maybe they have switched venues and I’m not in their circle enough to find out.  Atleast Freddy in CA is posting almost daily.  I’ve also been reading a lot from Dave Tate and the crew at Elite FS.  The articles can get very interesting. 

On another note, I have 4 days of vacation left, and 2 personal…  that need to be used before EOY.  WOW.  I get 3 days weekends for the rest of the year.  and one 4 day!!!  Woo hoo!  Well, I have more to write, but I’ll save it for tomorrow.  Have a great day all!

Turkey Day

Ugh, I am still stuffed from Turkey day.  I didn’t do too bad.  One trip thru, and then a second to get a few things I missed.  I think the real problem I’m having today is the walking lunges I did yesterday morning.  Prescribed WOD was 400M walking lunges.  Ouch.  It doesn’t look that bad on paper, but I was able to squeak out 200M.  And I am so F*in’ sore today.  Wow.  I was able to do situps, and a bunch of static holds this morning.  I even carried my daughter up the stairs.  No big deal, but I sure am not moving very fast today.  Got off at Noon from work.  Think I might do some walking on my hill, to work out some of the kinks.  Weighted?  Hmmm, we’ll see.

What a Day!

Did Max DL this morning for 435#!  a new PR.  Haven’t tried since I was sick for a week, so I’m pretty happy.  Needs some work tho.  I wonder what I’m doing wrong.  Might have to grab Ricky for a session and see if he can help me tweek it out.

Then when I stopped to get gas this morning, there was this guy coming out of the store…  had to be close to 400#.   Wow, I can’t imagine.  I got up to 300 before I got fed up and lost it.  But the worst part…  he had a diet coke in one hand and a package of donuts in the other…   WTF?  It is such a wonder how little the average population knows about nutrition.  I study it all the time, and I still know that I know very little.  Want to know more?  Check out more nutritional info on Melissa’s Blog (Urban Gets Diesel) in the right hand column.

Hello world!

My God!  I’ve finally started my own blog!

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