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What I’ve read this week – Week 50

This is going to be a short week (leftover vacation saved up for emergencies!).  Have to use it or lose it.  So I’m off for the next 4 days (business days, that is).  I just wanted to drop a list of what I’ve read over the past week.  I’ve always considered myself sort of an interesting conglomeration (part athlete, part geek), so what I read usually has to do with fitness or technology (SQL).

SQL Blogs

Perk Up Your Career with the SQL Server Troubleshooting Checklist

Kendra Little (Web FB TWIT Blog) gives some great advice about having a checklist to follow when there are issues (read ‘Emergency!’).  Also sharing it with your boss allows it to be available when you aren’t there, as well as show your boss that you aren’t just shooting from the hip (atleast, not all the time…).  Check it out.  Kudos to Kendra for putting this list together.  It also gives you a nice template to start with, which will get you part way there, depending on your environment.  With my third party vendor environment, this works quite nicely.

sp_Blitz Updated to v5

Brent Ozar (Web FB TWIT BLOG) took the time to send us out an update on his fabulous sp_blitz procedure.  Wow!  Some nice tweeks to an already fabulous must-have.  This is a piece of code I will take with me wherever I go.  (this sp and sp_whoisactive are two tools you need to have in your arsenal, as either a DBA or Developer). 

On the Fourth Day of Christmas…2011

Tim Ford (Blog TWIT), my vote for Redgate’s DBA in Space, is writing a ’12 Days of Christmas’ segment for IT.  The more I read this guy, the more I’m dissapointed that he didn’t win.  This is just his fourth installment, and it has some deep and meaningful thoughts in it (whether your in IT or not).  Definitely worth the read.

12 Things You Should Stop Doing in 2012

Tom LaRock (Blog TWIT) brings to light some interesting habits that we should all look at.  I really look up to Tom, and he has some wonderful insight, again not necessarily about SQL or IT, but I’m sure it will hit home just the same.


4 Lessons From Tim Tebow

Jason Ferruggia (Blog TWIT FB) may be a bit brash, but he certainly hits home.  A lot.  I especially like #2 (Skill isn’t the most important thing).  Take a read and let me know if you agree.  Warning, this is a Fitness Training site, and as I pointed out earlier, may be a bit harsh to the average joe.  Its like the cafeteria method that you hear about, take what you like and leave the rest.

Productivity. Get Some (Part I)

Tony Gentilecore (FB TWIT Blog) may also be a bit harsh, but I have always loved his writing style, as well as his ability to keep the male reader entertained (ha, Tony, take that.)  Tony brings up some great points on how to succeed, and reminds again about surrounding ourselves with like minded, productive people.  Looks like I need some new friends!  Just kidding.  (no, not really).

Well, I hope you get something out of today.  Maybe I have passed along some well rounded knowledge your way.  If I have, please let me know.  Thanks.

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