Musings of an Accidental DBA

SQL Server Developer

Well, Its about time…

I keep getting prodded by everybody… ‘When is that new blog going to be up?’  I’ve been putting it off, and putting it off.  I just can’t seem to find the time.  Well, you have to make the time.

After proofing @DBA_Andy’s slides for SQL Saturday #101 in Kansas City this weekend, it was just the prodding I needed, I guess.  I mean, what a fantastic community we have available to us as SQL Users.  ‘Even the masters want to learn.’  A lesson to be learned right there.  The knowledge you seek is out there, and the Internet makes it so available to us.  Use it. 

I’m not looking to be the next Steve Jones, Brent Ozar or Kevin Kline.  But with a little luck and persaverance on my part, maybe I can be a good mixture of some of my mentors.  Look out SQL Rockstar, SQLGuru and SQLRus.  I’m on your coat tails now.  Hopefully tagging along for the ride.

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