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Fasting and Strength

Well, I started fasting one day a week.  I’m on week two.  Every Wednesday from right after Breakfast (9am) until Thursday Lunch (11am), I don’t consume anything but water.  Wow.  This is tuff stuff.  Especially when you run to the store to pick up supplies for the rest of the fam.  Ugh!!!  I also started following the 5×5 strength program.  Day one.  We’ll see if this can get my strength increases back on track.  Back squated 5×5 w/ 225 on my back.  Not too shabby.  Didn’t do the deadlift today, but Tuesday I did DL 3×5 at 315.  Today’s shoulder press was 5×5 at 105.  Ugh.  Is it a tall person thing, that it is so hard to actually push things over my head?  Fat man pushups 8×3.  Didn’t have time for much else.  Too much screwing around, trying to find spring locs for the barbells.  Ugh! 

Well, I’ll try to get on here more, and update things.  Weight is still around 275, but belt size is still shrinking.  Curious to see what my fat percentage is.  27% last I checked on one of those hand held machine thingys.  We’ll try that in about a week or two. 

Son’s birthday is this weekend.  A teenager in the house.  He’s been commiting adultery for some time anyway…  ‘He thinks he is an adult, but he’s not…’  He’s saving up for PS3.  Great.  Something else to tie him down doing nothing physical.  I’m gonna start making him do 10 burpies for every hour in front of video screen.  Come to think of it, I think that should be a house rule…  We’ll see if we can implement that.  Maybe 3 attempts at a pullup?  Gonna have to think about this.  I like it.  Give me feedback, let me know what you think.

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