Musings of an Accidental DBA

SQL Server Developer

What a Day!

Did Max DL this morning for 435#!  a new PR.  Haven’t tried since I was sick for a week, so I’m pretty happy.  Needs some work tho.  I wonder what I’m doing wrong.  Might have to grab Ricky for a session and see if he can help me tweek it out.

Then when I stopped to get gas this morning, there was this guy coming out of the store…  had to be close to 400#.   Wow, I can’t imagine.  I got up to 300 before I got fed up and lost it.  But the worst part…  he had a diet coke in one hand and a package of donuts in the other…   WTF?  It is such a wonder how little the average population knows about nutrition.  I study it all the time, and I still know that I know very little.  Want to know more?  Check out more nutritional info on Melissa’s Blog (Urban Gets Diesel) in the right hand column.


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